Customer Reviews

Jen Stirrup
five stars
“Sarah is completely trustworthy and I recommend her services wholeheartedly and I do not know what I’d do without her. It took me ages to find the perfect dog walker, and Sarah is the perfect dog walker and I’m so glad I found her.

My two dogs, Archie and Nimbus, are like babies to me and I am very picky about who cares for them. Sarah is very knowledgeable about dogs and I have had excellent advice from her. She is very tuned to each individual dog – and they do have their own little characters! Sarah also thinks about the dogs together as a pack and how they fit in. My dogs have made wonderful doggy friends with the other dogs, and it’s important for dogs to have other sociable doggy time.

My dogs love Sarah. She is kind, very reliable and honest. I recommend her totally.

** UPDATE **

I have tried out Herts Hiking Hounds dog shampoo and the dogs (and myself!!) and I am definitely signing up for more! Sarah has found the magic formula for dog shampoo that gets rid of fox poo smell and I will be buying gallons of the stuff because my dogs love fox poo as much as I can’t stand it.

My dogs love fox poo and there is nothing worse than two smelly dogs covered in fox poo in your house. One time they did it, my house smelled for a whole week and it was horrible.

Anyway, The Herts Hiking Hounds shampoo came to the rescue after both dogs rolled around in fox poo. They team up to outsmart me because one dog does it, and by the time I’ve pulled one dog off the fox poo, the other dog is wallowing in it and then I need to pull the second one out, and then the first dog is back in it again. The fox itself clearly had some sort of tummy bug and it was the worst smell ever. My little one, Nimbus, was absolutely coated in it and I walked home, stinking to high heaven but with two happy smelly dogs who were very pleased with themselves until they spotted their nemesis – the BATH.

Both dogs are afraid of bubbles (I have no idea why. I think it’s because they pop and disappear and it confuses them). I soaked both dogs and put just a tiny bit on each dog. The shampoo smelled amazing and a good scrub with the shampoo really cleared out the stinky fox poo very well. After the bath, you’d never have guessed that they had been anywhere near fox poo and my house didn’t smell at all. The dogs have sensitive skin and paws and they were both fine with it. I took time to really get in at their skin with the shampoo.

After I bathed the dogs, I thought I’d try the shampoo myself. I’m allergic to sodium laureth sulphate, which is the bubbly stuff that makes your shower and shampoo bubble up. I popped some on my hair and let my scalp soak for a bit (I get very dry scalp) and my hair smelled wonderful afterwards. The aloe vera is great for soothing the scalp and I loved it.

The dogs and I are very glad to have Sarah and the Hiking Herts Hounds in our life and I’m grateful for her love and support during the pandemic. It’s been a hard time for everyone and it’s rare to find kindness but Sarah has been so good to the three of us, myself and the dogs. We love her to bits and I recommend you take up her services.
Claudia Boroughs
five stars

“Highly recommend Sarah. Teddy can be shy around new people and dogs. He is always more then happy to go with a Sarah and has been gaining confidence with other dogs when going out with her. She always puts pictures up on her Facebook page after their walks, so lovely to see him so happy when his out!”

Diane Fairey
five stars

“I have being using Herts Hiking Hounds for about 6 months now, I am so please I found them. Sarah is great with both my dogs, they go mad when they see her so I know they enjoy their walks with her.

I would highly recommend them she has always been adaptable when I’ve needed to change days for whatever reason, and goes out of her way to fuss over my dogs.”
Jayne Hawkey
five stars
“So glad I found Sarah, she has been walking Rubble now for over a year and I wouldn’t trust him with anyone else.

We have recently got a new puppy Sky who is very nervous of other dogs, Sarah has been so patient with her and Sky is gaining confidence more and more every week thanks to Sarah.”
Charlie Withey
five stars

“Sarah is amazing. Offers such care and love to my doggie. 

We started with puppy drop in sessions for her to get to know our puppy and play together and now our dog goes for lovely walks with Sarah and other dogs and really enjoys his time out.

Sarah has always been reliable and trustworthy. Would definitely recommend her. X”

Denise Patel
five stars

You are amazing! My little Japanese spitz is usually so nervous with new people but he took to you straight away! I have two very happy fur babies who look forward to seeing you every day!

❤️ ❤️

Alexandra Forbes
five stars

“We’ve used Herts Hiking Hounds since February of this year. Initially Sarah would do puppy visits for Rudy our then 10 week old Cockapoo and now Karen walks Rudy twice a week.

I think dogs are pretty much the best judges of character and the fact that Rudy greets Karen as enthusiastically as she does my husband and I says a lot. Sarah and Karen are professional, reliable and I feel 100% confident when Rudy is in their care. Rudy is wonderful with other dogs and her recall is excellent, which can be credited mostly to Karen and Sarah.

We’ve recently started working with Sarah on Rudy’s road walking as she was painful to walk on the lead – pulling non stop. After 2 sessions it’s like we’ve got a different dog – she walks calmly and confidently and it’s a much nicer experience for all of us. 
I couldn’t recommend HHH enough – for home visits, walking and training, they are absolutely wonderful. We are very thankful to have found them.”
Sheila Rodriguez Mills
five stars

“Sarah is fantastic with Monty and I totally trust her with him. Monty gets so excited when he knows Sarah is at the door and going to take him out. 

He loves playing with his pals and has so much fun. He is whacked when he comes home so I know he has had a great play.

Would thoroughly recommend Sarah to other dog owners. Definitely the best! xx”

Sarah Anne
five stars

“I haven’t even got my puppy home yet and Sarah has been so helpful, giving me so much support and free and helpful advice already. Thank you!”

Becca Hardy
five stars

“Sarah is amazing with our dog Winston, he absolutely loves his walks very day!

Sarah is very professional and reliable and put my mind at rest as soon as we met. I really appreciate all the help and advice we get as well especially as a first time puppy owner and don’t know what we’d do without Sarah!”

💛 🐾

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